Sunday, November 12, 2017

My Face For Today

Several months back, before I embarked on my amazing trip to Zagreb to see Duran Duran, I gave my face to them. For the Japanese part of their tour, their Facebook page asked fans for pictures of themselves to be used during the song, Face For Today. Of course, I submitted an image of myself, which is the same one I used as my author picture on the back cover of Speaking in Feline.

However, due to some technical difficulties, the images were not used at the concerts in Japan as planned. Of course, I was disappointed, but since it seemed that this was the biggest problem they faced in Japan, I considered it a minor thing and my life went on.

Then, something exciting happened: Not wanting the images or the love behind them to go to waste, a video was made out of the images. Yes, mine made it in! As it is, there is much discussion among the fans about whether this is an official Duran Duran video or not. While some claim that it's not, I agree with others that since Face For Today has no official video, that we might as well call this video as such.

So here is the video that features not only my face, but the faces of dozens of devoted Duranies. Mine appears at 2:39.

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